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Blackrose is open... for another month!

Blackrose is the infoshop/freestore/lending library that threatens your
boredom with a vast array of provoking thoughts to invoke effective action. We're located at 4034 N. Mississippi (between Shaver and Mason.)
Thanks to everyone that came in and helped us meet our recent rent crunch. The rainy season is upon us so we don't always get the amount of people coming through that we have during the "less-than wet" season. Speaking of which, come in, find some extra layers to keep yourselves cozy, find a book, target oppression, make a donation! If you've blockaded yourself inside and can't mosey on over, check out some of the books we're offering at the online shop. ( http://www.amazon.com/shops/blackroseinfoshop)

Pre-emptive <3s to those of you who'll keep us open another month. See ya when you stop by!

<3 + (A),
blackrose collective

address: address: 4034 N. Mississippi (between Shaver and Mason)

yeah 04.Nov.2008 14:53


yet I did feel it was a bit weak to say
that now black rose has books at red and black and that you don't have to go to NE anymore
Since Laughing horse books is only two blocks away from red and black and is hurting as well
yet has served the people and carry's yer revolutionary, anarchist, anti imperialist and so on books for twenty years they also offer space for your events free.
I feel there is room for both yet did not like hearing that in their announcement at all.

hours? 04.Nov.2008 14:59

me again

i'd live to visit and support you, but my time is scarce and i want to be sure you're open when i head to that part of town. so what are your hours?

blackrose is open everyday 04.Nov.2008 15:38

noon til 8pm

pop over soon! GO BANANAS! (meaning there are lotsa bananas up for grabs here)