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Mercenary Firm Offers to 'Detain Troublemakers' on Election Day

I know this sounds weird but if there is martial law everyone should be willing to defend the Oregon and Washington State governments from coup d'état by mercenaries. If it comes down to Evergreen Aviation trying to take over our Evergreen State (Washington) and Beaver State (Oregon) then let them be the brunt of an Evergreen Revolution.

Evergreen Aviation has a history of being the flyboys and gun runners for the American Empire in the world specifically famous for their involvement in Central America under the Reagan Regime. I know them well with friends who have worked for them. As one friend told me one day years ago "you know that huge shipment of cattle Evergreen was shipping to such and such country in the new. Well they were not shipping cattle. That is all I can tell you"
Mercenary Firm Offers to 'Detain Troublemakers' on Election Day (Updated)
By Nathan Hodge November 03, 2008 | 11:39:00 AMCategories: Mercs, Secret Squirrel
CIA-linked private military contractor Evergreen Defense & Security Services offered to post sentries at Oregon election offices on Tuesday, "detaining troublemakers" and making sure voters "do not get out of control."
In an e-mail to local election supervisors, obtained by the McMinnville, Oregon News Register, Evergreen president Tom Wiggins said he "recognized the potential conflict" that could occur on November 4th. "Never has there been a more heated battle in the race for president."
The company, he said, 'proposes to post sentries at each voting center on November 4th to assure that disputes amongst citizens do not get out of control. All guards will be unarmed, but capable of stopping any violence that may occur and detaining troublemakers until law enforcement arrives.'
Evergreen's website describes its security arm as having "nearly five decades of experience working with the U.S. Armed Forces, the Department of Defense, the Department of Interior, the United Nations, NASA, and the U.S. Air Mobility Command. Many of our contracts include highly sensitive work-scope, and take place in locations ranging from the deserts of the Middle East to the jungles of South America to the highest peaks of Mt. McKinley in Alaska."
According to the News Register, Evergreen "exudes the gung-ho patriotism that is associated with the company founder, a political conservative who enjoys close ties with the federal government and military."
No kidding. Back in the late '80s, the company "acknowledged one agreement under which his companies provide occasional jobs and cover to foreign nationals the CIA wants taken out of other countries or brought into the United States." More recently, Evergreen's parent company flew Bill O'Reilly into Kuwait in 2006, according to SourceWatch.
But rest easy: The Oregonian reports that the company struck out with its sales pitch.
UPDATE: As several commenters have pointed out, Evergreen's offer is particularly weird, since the state does its voting by mail. Voters get ballots sent to them, and can then return them to county election offices by 8pm on Tuesday. Perhaps that's where Evergreen was looking to keep the peace.




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