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election fraud

Any plans on what people are going to do if the election is sabotaged?

not going to let it happen again!
We need to organize quickly if things go wrong!

there are already indications of sabotage. 03.Nov.2008 22:58

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

but an overwhelming turnout may cancel out what they are doing.

I think, that if it goes McCain/Palin, I'm closing all of my accounts, and only purchasing the necessities for the next four years. I'll create a little recession of my own.

Elections are ALL rigged! 04.Nov.2008 00:40

FalseFlagUSA science@zzz.com

Don't take this the wrong way but the elections were rigged a very long time ago, just the technology has changed. Every election at the Federal Level has to be rigged. We are talking about hundreds if not thousands of trillions of dollars on investments from the Corporate/Military State, and the last thing they will ever allow is a real representative of the people. So the US is allowed to pick from Column A or Column B, and every other candidate is not given exposure so the brain-dead American public does not know their choices and really are too lazy and unconcerned to find out. Even by some twist of fate a 3rd Party won the election, the chances of that person taking the reigns of power are zero. So in a very real way, irrespective of voting machines that flip-votes, 5-hour+ lines in lower class neighborhoods, people thrown off the roles, the elections are all fixed. That is America and Americans don't care and do now want to know. Too bad.

um 05.Nov.2008 14:53

get a clue

The most you're ever going to see on a public website like this is "meet downtown at Pioneer Square" or "at the Park Blocks" or something. People are not going to tell you all about their "plans" for "civil unrest."