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Alternative Elections Coverage

KBOO is providing special coverage of the elections with continuous updates on www.kboo.fm and on the air.
Whatever happens on election day, KBOO will be there for the real scoop on what's going down. From 6 - 10 pm on Tuesday November 4th the station will be providing live local and national coverage of election day happenings. On November 5th an extra edition of Democracy Now at 10 am will be followed by local election analysis. And on Thursday November 6th from 6 to 7 pm, there will be an in-depth dissection of the election.

The station is now providing special coverage on our website at www.kboo.fm/elections where live Twitter feeds are providing continuous coverage. Twitter users can follow the reports on their cellphones by going to twitter.com/kboo.

We will have commentary from a number of local and national analysts including former Oregon state representative Deborah Kafoury, Portland State University Black Studies Professor Darrell Millner, community organizer Reverend Renee Ward, Rhys Scholes, Theresa Reed of the Huffington Post, Michael Slater of Project Vote, and many more.

In addition, our reporters will be calling in live reports from Washington DC, Virginia, Florida, New Orleans, and of course Vancouver and Portland to give the real voice of the people a space on the airwaves.

homepage: homepage: http://www.kboo.fm/elections
phone: phone: 503 231 8032