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Modesto Republican Shopfront Attacked

On Halloween night the Republican storefront in Modesto was attacked. Two railroad spikes were thrown through the window. As about eight workers waited outside their place of work a black clad figure walked by. It took one spike to weaken the window, and one more to drop it.

Nobody gave chase.

Its time we take the power we want. To show that Obama nor McCain will ever have our interest at heart.

We interject the new ballot.

The ballot that demands to be counted in monetary damage.

We are everywhere. We are sick of you.

Children go hungry while you rot in decadence.

Feel threatened, be afraid, because you make us feel that way everytime one of your cops rolls down our streets, everytime that bright spotlight hits our face.

The war is on.

We love all of you who are also resisting in Tacoma, Santa Cruz, Minneapolis, Indiana and everywhere else.

May the moon stay behind the clouds and streetlioghts stay dim.

We will win.