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BREAKING: Iraq war veteran shuts down 101 freeway in Santa Barbara

Situation in progress...
With an American flag and gun in hand, a could-be suicidal masked man in fatigues and body armor on the northbound 101 Freeway in Santa Barbara, first spotted around 7:15 a.m., forced officials to shut down the artery in both directions at the La Cumbre overpass. SWAT is on scene and are expected to attempt negotiations as traffic snarls the morning commute.

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UPDATE: gunman was allowed to make a statement, but live TV went dead 03.Nov.2008 16:21

Mr. Frodo

From the Santa Barbara Independent earlier this afternoon, 11/3/08:

"ANOTHER UPDATE: Approximately ten minutes ago, officers arrested the man. They had stun guns readied, but they apparently did not need to use them, according to at least what was broadcasted on KEYT. Officers allowed the man to make a statement, which including posting an Obama-Biden sign on the overpass's chain link fence.

It's also worth noting that KEYT, the only area TV station broadcasting live coverage of the events on the overpass, was nonfunctional during the final moments of the incident as a result of a transformer on Montecito Street. Around the time the gunman seemed to be surrendering, KEYT cut back to regular programming, the talk show The View. After a few minutes of that, the screen went black with white text counting the amount of time the the station has lacked video. The station return to broadcasting The View about ten minutes later and has been flickering in and out of commission ever since."

The 101 reportedly is still closed.