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Northwest Socialist Conference (Nov. 7th-9th)

The Northwest Socialist Conference (Nov. 7th-9th) is one week away! It is coming during one of the most exciting and difficult times the Left has seen in years. Thanks to what has become the greatest financial upheaval since the 1930s, socialism is in the news (this is unique in most of our political lifetimes!!), Exxon-Mobile ( http://www.transworldnews.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=66304&cat=8) is being denounced across the board for its huge profits while people lose their homes and jobs --- and there's a tremendous amount of excitement and expectations building around the transformation of the political landscape.
The collapse of the neoliberal ideology that for years told us "there is no alternative" to the free-market, has now been replaced by "there is no alternative" to state intervention. But so far there has only been state intervention for the wealthy. Yet there is an ideological opening for rebuilding a fighting working-class Left that has been absent in this country for too many years and could shift the balance of forces rapidly.

We are excited to announce that Mike Davis one of America's premier urban theorists and radical social commentators as well as the author of numerous books including Planet of the Slums and No One Is Illegal will be opening up the conference Friday night with a talk titled "Great Depression 2.0? A Socialist Perspective on Barack Obama and the Economic Crisis"

And the Saturday evening panel will include Camilo Mejia, the first U.S. soldier to publicly refuse to redeploy to Iraq, and Board Chair of Iraq Veterans Against the War as well as Don Grinde, a 31-year crane operator at Boeing and a veteran union activist who was a leader in the recent strike against Boeing, which was until it recently ended the largest strike in the country!

For more information about the conference visit:  http://www.nwsocialistconference.org


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