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Blackrose at the Red and Black Cafe!!

Books from the Blackrose Collective at the Red and Black!
Excited by the notion of perusing and purchasing radical literature but can't make it out to North Portland? You're in luck, because the Blackrose Collective has their very own bookshelf at the Red and Black Cafe!

Organized by topic, there are a number of books on feminism, animal rights, environmentalism, anarchism, insurrection and more.

While you're at the Red and Black, why not enjoy a bowl of dragon noodles or a tempeh reuben? A hot cup of coffee or a cool glass of jasmine iced tea? We even have a modest zine library for you to look at while you eat. The books are for sale though, so keep them away from the peanut sauce!

Blackrose is located at:

4038 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97227

The Red and Black Cafe is located at:

400 SE 12th avenue at Oak
Portland, Oregon 97214

Thank you! <3

- r&b collective.

homepage: homepage: http://www.redadblackcafe.com
phone: phone: 503-231-3899
address: address: 400 SE 12th avenue