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Filmed outside of House District 3 Portland Office
A dozen activists/individuals for justice gather to demand "accountability"
The demand is for "Congress to Demand from the Executive Branch ...Accountability"
The Lone Vet talks with me for 10 minutes
Impeachment Treat or Blumenauer Trick
Impeachment Treat or Blumenauer Trick
Outside of Earl Blumenauer's Office (House District 3) [who also is running as a incumbent that has spoken out against Bush yet does very little to hold Bush/Cheney accountable and allows them to violate the constitution] ... The Lone Vet (Joe Walsh) and about a dozen citizens gather for the weekly vigil that has been going weekly (Thursdays at high noon - 2pm) for well over a year.

The Lone Vet has in the hospital and has missed the past 7 week of protesting
Well he is back..... and sounds as "hot on the issues as ever"
This video is 10 minutes from the 10-30-08 vigil


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We won? 01.Nov.2008 11:02

lone vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

When I wake up on November 5, I know that a new and exciting time will be at hand. Sen. Obama will be President Elect. I will be smiling from ear to ear; I will be a little "Giddy." I will allow myself a few hours to watch the news and laugh at the republicans, but know that the real work is about to begin.

We must all stay in our groups, all the organizations that want justice, accountability, and peace must not disband, because the "Guy" got in, victory is not ours yet, we must work hard to make our voices heard in the halls of Congress and the White House. We have seen Sen. Obama move to the right and say things that must be said in order to be elected. We must now move him back to the left and fight for the America we all wish for and hope he is the "Guy."

Please don't think that we have done our work, it is not over until the rest of the world and our children feel the very thing that Sen. Obama says over and over, Hope!

So, stay organized and work to bring our country back into the light, it has been so so dark for 8 years. We have a chance, let's not blow it and sit on our asses waiting for things to happen; we must be the force that President Elect Obama will need when the lobbyists line up.

If McCain wins by hook or crook, I am just leaving and hope someone younger will take up the fight. I have done this for 40 years and must rest if the American people say yes to McCain and that person from Alaska.

So, celbrate on 5 November, have some fun, laugh and be merry for it will be a good day for all of us, but on the seventh day do not rest; prepare for the fight, the fight for our republic!

For Justice and peace,
Joe Walsh, lone vet
Portland, Oregon

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." ~John F. Kennedy


Hopi Indian prayer: "We are the ones we have been waiting for."