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U.S. SECURITY & EXCHANGE COMMISSION SEEKS INJUNCTION ON SALE OF ENENKIO BONDS ADVISORY November 7, 2000: Honolulu, USA -- TO: Honolulu Advertiser, Honolulu Star Bulletin FROM: EnenKio Ministry of Foreign Affairs REPLY: Mr. Moore is prohibited from talking to you by order of the United States Security & Exchange Commission (hereafter 'SEC'). The action against Mr.. Moore is an unprovoked attack against a private citizen of the United States, not against an official representative of the Kingdom of EnenKio. The following reply is therefore issued in observance of the sovereign authority of the government of EnenKio to confront disinformation and to provide the whole truth. You are advised that the SEC has not charged the Kingdom of EnenKio with anything. The SEC has no jurisdiction over the Kingdom of EnenKio, a sovereign Pacific Island state. The SEC argument is made solely against Mr. Moore and his personal business affairs. Please be VERY clear about this. Despite heavy scrutiny, the SEC has proved nothing and there were no findings of fact as a result of exhaustive SEC investigations. In other words, SEC has NO proof of wrongdoing by the Kingdom of EnenKio or by any person acting in their official capacities as representatives of the Kingdom of EnenKio. The only thing the SEC accomplished was to prove its arrogance and ignorance, first by circumventing lawful processes and then by bullying up on a single individual veteran-of-war who proudly served the USA. Mr. Moore has spent over 20 years trying to help defenseless Marshallese families over whom the USA has historically dominated, disenfranchised, subverted and literally poisoned with nuclear weapons testing. Lastly, EnenKio has never gotten a fair shake from the media.... ever. They generally have an agenda that fails to honor truth in reporting, but promotes the dissemination of ad copy by sensationalizing events rather than embracing impartial disclosure of factual information. When we choose to respond to the recent attacks on the credibility of our national sovereignty, we will do so in full at our site. Much is there now if one can keep an open mind. We haven't found that to be in existence in the media.. ,, AMERICA TRUTH FACTS ! OFFER TAONGI ATOLL WORLD ATOMIC WASTE SITE. ,, S T O P UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LIES WORLD FRAUD MISINFORMATION BY GOOGLE SPOOKS PAID MEDIA ASSKISSERS..... Robert Moore M P - RobertMoore270@msn..com - see google search - ENENKIO GOLD WAR BEARER BONDS KINGSTRUST JOINT VENTURE BONDS PAY IN ENENKIO GOLD.... - ATOLLS ISLANDS OPTIONS LEASE BUY JOINT VENTURE - http://www.KingsTrust.net or http://www.EnenKio.org for AMERICAN TRUTH FACTS HAWAI'I-RMI-CHINA ect ... A STATE OF WAR EXISTS OVER THE KINGDOM OF ENENKIO ATOLL BY WAY OF ACTS BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES. .. Robert Moore ,, We would like to discuss this RobertMoore270@msn.com 808 9443088 Follow Ups: Re: AMERICAN SHAME TRUTH FACTS =http://www.KingsTrust.net ROBERT MOORE 16:35:14 6/27/08 (1)

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