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election fraud

Thank you, Evergreen V!

Your Guy Fawkes mask is a work of art - thank you for making it available!
And just a reminder that dirty tricksters are giving out the wrong election date to some of the Unsuspecting -
Remember, remember the 4th of November is when you must cast your bal-lot,
Because if you wait til the 5th of November, you effort will all be for nought!

you are welcome 31.Oct.2008 12:26

Evergreen V

Yes everyone that can vote must vote on Nov 4th or before. Okay I will be a little personal on my political views: Democrats and Republicans must vote on November 5th unless voting green and all Greens must vote before November 4th" Just joking. If you are going to vote do it on or before the fourth.

As for the mask I did not make it I am only the person guiding people to it and encouraging people to be make it. I was just at a party yesterday where I showed the party members the mask and one member constructed it at the party as we watched Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke.

"Remember, remember the fifth of November 
Election fraud, treason and plot.
I see no reason why election fraud, treason
 Should ever be forgot..."