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imperialism & war

Why is the Anti war movement so silent right now?

There has been an attack by the US inside Syria!!!
In the days of Vietnam when the US broadened the war, and invaded Cambodia the Anti War movement fucking exploded. Today the United Sates has not only just attacked inside Syria but has also recently attacked inside Pakistan and it is like no one even cares or knows. Why is this oviously we are not leaving the Persian Guld anytime soon with this kind of behavior all you people who still belive Obama that we are leaving have you been watching the news? Please can someone tell me why this is happening.

Serious? (you don't know?) 29.Oct.2008 05:07

Mike Novack

"Please can someone tell me why this is happening."

On the off chance that you are serious, really want to be told.

It's the economy, stupid! (that's a phrase, not meant to be insulting)

Americans, almost all of us, don't give much of a damn about whether or not we might be killing a few folks in some distant part of the globe. At the moment, that's not the sort of thing we choose to worry about. Instead, we choose to worry about the meltdown of the global financial system and what appears to be the start of "The Second Great Depression".

I know this is tough to take, but democracy isn't about making good, wise, just, caring, etc. etc. decisions but instead is concerned with (when it works properly) makign the decisions that "the people" want for good or ill. Whether those decisions are short sighted, focused on their own selfish interests, etc. matters not at all. Thye, not you, get to decide what issues are of greatest importance to themselves.

Understand? I am not saying that you are wrong to consider our killing of a few folks elsewhere more important. But most of "us" don't care all that much. You need to try to convince people different, but shouldn't be surprised if they don't pay you much heed. They are after all HUMANS (and you should expect them to behave like humans do and not some other species)

Why? 30.Oct.2008 08:31

Den Mark, Vancouver

Why? Because "the Left" always falls asleep during democrat resurgences. "Obama will rescue us," liberals cry, & they won't even notice when he doesn't.

My vote went to a woman, a black woman, a third party black woman, & was denied to the republicrat machine.