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Radical Richard Taken To Jail!

Local activist jailed for smoking.
Radical Richard was cited for "offensive littering" while smoking on the opposite side of the street from Pioneer Square. He put his cigarette out on the ground and was immediately approached by police who announced that they were citing him for "offensive littering". Richard told them that many people put out their cigarettes on the street and that they (the cops) were only citing him because they targeted him as a potentially homeless person. Richard then told the cops that he would obtain a lawyer and fight his case if cited for this infraction. The cops then took him to jail, he spent several hours in Central Precinct. His court date is November 28th.
Richard needs our support, please contact Central Precinct (503)823-0097 and voice your concern about the obvious over handed jailing of a minor infraction offender.

Mayberry, USA 28.Oct.2008 19:53


Good to see our tax dollars at work. I feel so much safer and will be able to sleep tonight knowing that one more criminal is off the streets.
Rosie, you can be proud of your boys in blue.

better i.d. 28.Oct.2008 22:21


Is "Radical Richard" the same Portland activist named Richard that was targeted by police at the RNC? If so, that is even more extremely lame than it would be if the arrestee was anyone else.

cops are over the edge 28.Oct.2008 23:34


Richard attends PPRC rally regularly. One cannot smoke in the Square, so smokers who arrive early go across the street. We regularly drop our smokes and step on them. This is not environmentally sound, but hardly a cause for arrest. The cops ARE targeting him.

Once when I was standing across the street from a protest, the cops were on the same sidewalk as I was smoking. One told me to pick up my butt or I would be arrested! Incredible, but I complied. The cops can't stop our legal dissent, but they can harass us with frivolity.

I know Richard and I vouch for his anti war activism. This arrest should be thrown out. The cops are bullies.

It is the same Richard 29.Oct.2008 07:06


Also I would say littering, especially a cotton filter with paper wrapped around it smaller than a toe, has nothing to do with environmentalism. Littering is only offensive to those who care about property values and want gentrification.

those cops are cowards 29.Oct.2008 23:09


The Central Precinct officers that arrested Richard are cowards. I work downtown and I know Richard. He should never have been arrested for this "crime".

I wonder how many downtown lawyers and credit card shoppers get taken to jail for tossing their cigarette butts on the ground.

This is pathetic.

newsflash: 30.Oct.2008 10:57


richard doesn't buy cigarettes. He picks the butts off the streets - literally - and smokes those. I saw him do this many many times at Schumacher protests. If he was throwing the butts down, that's likely where he first found them.

jailed for a cigarette? 30.Oct.2008 13:18

real wild child

well, that makes me appreciate ganja even more. Don't bogart that joint my

oh, hell no. 30.Oct.2008 18:04


those FUCKERS. this is absurd.
we can not let this blow over. we need to defend Richard for this bullshit.
he'd would fight vigorously for us. and we can't leave him hanging.