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Support Blackrose Collective Bookstore and help us pay rent!

Blackrose Collective Bookstore is the radical non-profit, all volunteer infoshop/freestore/lending library that you fell in love with the first time you stopped by. We're located at 4034 N. Mississippi (that's between Shaver and Mason.)
We know you've stopped by and looked around(or maybe you haven't.) You've thought about picking up that one book, but for whatever reason didn't(or maybe that was someone else.) Now is the time for you to come by and find yourself enraptured by one or several of those titles; new books you haven't heard of, old books that you've thought about reading. Pick up some zines, records, or CDs. We're introducing our sliding scale pricing experiment with the new 2009 Slingshot organizers along with a book by a local copwatcher. We have new patches for your black hoodie(purple is the new black, but green is the new purple, plaid is transparent and polkadot is now considered a metallic.)

We're open daily noon-8pm. Peruse the freestore and find some warm clothes or various wares of the day. Discover a book in the lending library, grab a seat, chat with our volunteers, dream a dream undreamt.

But yeah, we need to pay rent so we can stay open. Donations always appreciated.


Hear, hear! 31.Oct.2008 18:18


There, There!