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anthrax and the vote

voting could be disrupted by a fake or real anthrax attack
The following two links refer to anthrax activity. I will be issuing some brief comment on the situation on my KBOO show Thursday.

The first link notes that the USPS has been assigned the task of distributing doxycycline, to combat anthrax. I have to wonder why the DHS, which developed the plan, waited seven years to do something effective.

The second article (which I excerpted) summarizes various fake-anthrax attacks on media and banks.

My speculation: Since the election isn't going well for the Cheney class, it would be handy for them to launch a real (or fake) anthrax attack on several voting centers. Any hint of anthrax at the polls would shut them down for an indeterminate time--and would dissuade people from showing up. It would also create a situation in which National Security figures would be in charge of the ballots and/or machines at the ballot depots. The voting would necessarily be halted due to terrorism.

I would expect that, should an anthrax attack be in preparation to stop voting, it would be useful to remind the public of the terror seven years ago, in order to best re-create that sort of paralysis and dependency. This could be the purpose of the current fake attacks.

here are the links:

 http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20081001/NEWS07/81001104 --postal preparations



WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- More U.S. banks and the New York Times headquarters received letters with white powder on Wednesday, said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

FBI Spokesman Richard Kolko told reporters that seven Chase bank branches in Phoenix, Arizona and the New York Times headquarters in New York were those that received envelopes containing the suspicious white powder in the third following day.

On Tuesday, at least 30 letters with the white powder have been mailed to banks in eight U.S. cities, despite preliminary tests finding them harmless. Since Monday, there have been 45 such letters delivered to financial institutions in at least 11 states.

"Most of the letters contain a powder substance with a threatening communication," Kolko said, adding more tests are being conducted at regional laboratories.

The New York Times said in a statement that an envelope containing white powder was found by an employee on the 13th floor of the company headquarters in midtown Manhattan in the morning, leading to the shutdown of part of the building's lobby.

"People are able to get in and out of the building. The substance will be tested," said a spokeswoman for the newspaper.

In Phoenix, the authorities said that so far no workers at the banks have been treated for any symptoms, and it was still early to tell whether the letters were related to previous ones.

update: Ivins file shows Army did not fear him 30.Oct.2008 15:20

theresa mitchell

The local paper in Detrick, MD, apparently did a FOIA request for Ivin's personnel file--Ivins, as you will recall, is dead supposedly by his own hand now, and is accused by the FBI of being the sole source of the anthrax attacks, despite not being at the site of the mailings. Their case is closed. But the Army had no fear of him, and cleared him for further research immediately after the FBI began its investigation!