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Financial Revolution is the Only Way...and it's So Simple

not a bad idea at all ...
Ross Cairn: I Think That...
Financial Revolution is the Only Way...and it's So Simple
Tue, 28 Oct 2008

The truth of it all is that we can revolt against The System, and we don't have to lay on the line our lives or the lives of others to do it.

The near-total meltdown of our financial system is proof that we can effect change through financial revolution.

Allow me to explain. It's quite simple:

I've long advocated the Just-Don't-Pay Strategy.

Simply put: Go and take out as many credit cards, loans, lines of credit, etc. as you can; max them all out, and then don't pay.

In a sense, people have done just that and that's how the inherently precarioius nature of our financial system has finally been exposed.

People were being tricked into loans and mortgages that were beyond their means.

What I suggest is that, instead of being tricked into it, they should take the lead and get themselves into these ridiculous agreements voluntarily.

I'm advocating is that people do that shit on purpose in order to bring the system down from the inside.

Bloodless and painless. Materialism eating itself up from the inside. It's actually quite beautiful in its simplicity.

Will it ruin people's credit? Fuck yes it will. Do we care? Fuck no we don't. Why not? Because what we've discovered, as a result of the financial meltdown, is that the system needs us to function.

It needs us to buy shit ... all the fucking time. If we disappear as consumers (AKA People With Good Credit Scores), then the system ends up in the shit heap too.

Therefore, the system will always have to let us back in. And we commence to start the just-don't-pay cycle all over again.

Eventually, the system will deteriorate to the point where nothing can be sold and nothing can be bought.

Boom. Mission accomplished. The System crashes and disappears, but in the process, I got me a house, a boat, an RV, a 3-week vacation in the Bahamas, a Corvette and every other material possession I could put on the MasterCard or Visa.

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Play into their hands 28.Oct.2008 13:43

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

I've investigated this tactic on several occasions. There is a serious downside though.

by placing yourself in receivership, you will be cede all of your property to the very people we are rallying against. It would be the second coming of serfdom. Your bank would own your property completely, and you may, or may not be allowed to remain there. I suspect that they'd prefer you to not be in the way, should that happen.

Better to starve them. Starve the ones that push credit on people. DON'T BUY ANYTHING on credit. Pay off all of your debts, and for god's sake, don't get any new debts. If you can't afford it, you most likely don't need it.

If people stopped using credit, than the institutions that burden us all with interest will just fall away, prices will return to normal, and we'll all be in better shape. If you have an outrageous mortgage, then get the hell out of it, find a less expensive place, and pay it off. Once you've had it paid off, it's much harder for them to take it away.

What you're talking about is much like flushing all the toilets at once, in grade school, so we can all go home early, The reality is, that all you'll miss out on is an education.

if you were smart 28.Oct.2008 13:48

then get

some gold or silver too !

That's kind of what's going on right now ... 28.Oct.2008 15:54

Jody Paulson

Capitalism is eating itself.