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Speak up about 20,000 sq ft Golds Gym on Division (tonight)

Tonight, October 28th at 8:30 is a planning commission meeting at 1900 sw 4th (2nd floor). The owner of the old Wild Oats building on Division and 30th is trying to get an exemption to the 10,000 Square Foot limit in order to put in a Gold's Gym which will total over 20,000 sq ft. If you do not want to see such a huge non local business go in there, come make your voice heard. There will be public testimony.
A golds Gym will put Loprinzi's Gym at risk of failure. Loprinzi's is a long time local gym just off Division on 41st. It will also put pressure on other small local businesses such as yoga studios, martial arts studios etc. The 10,000 sq ft limit is there to stop 'big box' stores coming into the neighborhood and dominating local culture. Gold's Gym is a huge corporate chain with over 500 locations across the country.

Please come out if local culture and economy is important to you.

Loprinzi's is 28.Oct.2008 14:45


If you can't show up you can send a letter to Phil Nameny c/o Planning commision


it would be worth sending an email anyway 28.Oct.2008 23:36

clinton st resident

The 3 minutes of time were not enough to make all the necessary arguments as to why this exemption is a bad idea. I figure I'll write something longer later but for now the news is not good for stopping whatever corporate chain store ends up in division (and note that I don't think it's likely it will be Gold's Gym; they would have to be stupid to go into that location). And I have to admit, though I will continue to work against whatever big box store tries to go into the space and continue to push the idea that the building should be renovated into smaller retail and office units, part of me wants to see Mr. Amy sell the building to Wal Mart just so that people can learn the lesson that restricting the maximum size of retail space is a good idea. It was a good idea when it was adopted; it's a good idea today; it is an even better idea for the future given the economic climate.

how about people's? 02.Nov.2008 20:23


People's should move their store to that location, it could use some good karma after the filthy mess Perry Odak the wild oats CEO left behind. People's is a very transparent co-op and responds to its stake holders. I think if the neighborhood lobbied people's to take over the building, they may just do it. They are busting out of their little tiny homely store with sales reaching 3.7 million last year. I don't know the exact square footage of their current building, but i bet they have the highest sales/square footage $$ of any natural grocer in the country. Hats off to the staff.

Wild Oats failed due to their corporate policies and just pissed off too many customers, employees, neighbors and of course a very well operated competitor in new seasons 10 blocks away doesn't help.

A corporate operation on Division will have a hard time surviving, just look at starbucks, apple grocery, etc... it will also distress some of the local businesses and will generate much needed foot traffic for others. I love the detour cafe and I think they are still fairly busy, but an empty building across the street doesn't help their sales.

Plenty of room for a little vegan/organic deli and some warehouse space to supply other co-ops with the locally produced goodness.
I was a bit surprised that New Seasons didn't take over the site since that was where Nature's Northwest launched its operations. Many of the higher ups at New Seasons are ex nature's managers who were downsized one by one out of that building after Perry Odak took over Wild Oats, which had purchased Nature's 10 store chain.