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NYC Conscious Hip Hop X-Vandals Oregon Shows!

New York revolutionary hip hop group X-Vandals (made up of DJ Johnny Juice from Public Enemy and Not4Prophet of Ricanstruction) will be doing a series of all ages and free shows and speaking engagements in Oregon in November, discussing their music, their art and their activism in a time where standing up for your rights marks you as an outlaw, and calling for justice x'es you out as a vandal.
X-Vandals Northwest Tour

X-Vandals is the conscious Puerto Rican NYC hip hop duo.
X-Vandals is DJ Johnny Juice (of Public Enemy) and MC Not4Prophet (of Ricanstruction and the film Machetero).

Wed., Nov. 12th, 2008
Black Bag Series
12- 1:30 p.m.
Multicultural Center
2nd floor, Smith Memorial Union
Portland State University
1825 SW Broadway St.
This is a discussion series put on by the Black Studies Department and the Multicultural Center at PSU.

Wed., Nov. 12th, 2008
2 Coasts, 1 Show!
6-9 p.m.
Portland State University Ballroom
Smith Memorial Union, 3rd floor
1825 SW Broadway St.
Featuring: X-Vandals, Mic Crenshaw, Syndel, DJ Gen.Erik
Hosted by Good Sista/Bad Sista

Thurs., Nov. 13th, 2008
University of Oregon Show
8 p.m.
University of Oregon Living Learning Center
1575 E. 15th St.
Featuring: X-Vandals, Mic Crenshaw, Syndel
Hosted by Good Sista/Bad Sista

Fri., Nov. 14th, 2008
Screening of the independent film Machetero
starring Not4Prophet from X-Vandals
Directed by Vagabond
Location and time TBA
Screening will be followed by Q&A with Not4Prophet and Vagabond.

Nov. 15th, 2008
Mic Crenshaw's CD Release
8 p.m.
Blue Monk
3341 SW Belmont
Cost TBA
Featuring: Mic Crenshaw, Hungry Mob, X-Vandals, DJ Gen.Erik, Good Sista/Bad Sista, and more

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