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MUMIA Needs Our Help now or he'll die!!!

The Philadelphia DA wants to shut up MAJ. His time is ticking. HE NEEDS US MORE THEN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
**View / Download Updated Flyer Here!**
The Philadelphia DA Will Appeal to Execute Mumia Without a New Penalty-Phase Trial!
On Monday, Oct. 20, a legal update from Mumia's lawyer announced that the DA is appealing to the US Supreme Court regarding the 3rd Circuit's March 27, 2008 affirmation of Judge William Yohn's 2001 decision, which 'overturned' the death penalty and stated that if the DA wants to re-impose the death sentence, they must hold a new penalty-phase jury trial. The DA will submit their petition by Nov. 19, 2008.

Simultaneously, Mumia is appealing the 3rd Circuit Court decision denying a new guilt-phase trial or a preliminary hearing that could have led to a new guilt phase trial. The Supreme Court has granted his request for a 60-day extension, so he will submit his petition by Dec. 19, 2008.