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WTF? Popo fascism is contagious!

Hey! Railroad officers shot a male transient Saturday after a lengthy foot pursuit in North Portland.
Cathe Kent with the Portland Police Bureau said the incident started around 3:30 p.m. Saturday after an officer with the BNSF railroad stopped a black male transient who was walking near the tracks off Portland Avenue.

The officer ran the man's name and discovered he had an active warrant for resisting arrest out of Multnomah County.

As the officer attempted to arrest the man, the suspect took off running and the officer called for additional backup from Portland officers.

After chasing the suspect for 45 minutes, the man was located in a transient camp about a mile away.

Officers on scene said the suspect then charged them while armed with a weapon and a gas can that he had lit on fire.

The BNSF officer fired his weapon, hitting the suspect.

The man, who had not been identified, was injured and was taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital for treatment.

Last I heard, flight from a misdemeanor warrant was not one of the legal justification for cops to use deadly force to affect an arrest. The fact that the man was a "transient," thus somehow didn't count, or that the corporate rentacop did not accidentally kill him in no way diminishes the fact that he used deadly force to affect a misdemeanor warrant arrest.

Must be retired Popo or Clackamas County cop.