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LBAM: BUSH-CHENEY Building Giant BIO-WEAPON Plant in Bend, Oregon

Stewart Resnick, who owns Roll International Corp of LA. Owns dozens of the largest businesses in the USA, he controls the California water supply. He also owns Suterra LLC, of Bend, Oregon. Which to date has produced the aerial poison sprayed over the Calif bay area during the last two years. Under a contract of $500M Gov Schwarnegger has a ten year plan to spray the bay area with Suterra 'CheckMate' Poison. This week Suterra breaks ground for the largest bio-weapons plant in the world in Bend, Oregon. Resnick gave Scharznegger $150k for election.
For full information on the new Bend, Oregon bio-weapon plant see juniper-ridge-info.blogspot.com

Google 'suterra genocide', there are 1,000's of references. The target to date has been the bay area. The new factory means that production will increase 100 fold, like nuclear weapons these materials will be used, once manufactured.

Nobody in Oregon, seems to care that all the poison being dumped on California, is produced in Oregon.

Suterra is the world leader for weaponized micro-encapsulation technology. Essentially a pill several million'ths of an inch, that can time release, any compound including botulism, athrax. To date specifically Suterra has produced synthetic Pheromones said to inhibit mating, however scientists have concluded the synthetic Pheromones are nothing more than toxic poison. Micro-Encapsulation is nothing more than covering a small dose of poison with iso-cyanate, which is 'crazy-glue' that will stick to anything, and gradually dissolve, and thus the ultimate weapon for time release in the human lungs for government denial. The US Bush/Cheney Military use of this technology is extermination of Muslims world wide. All these projects were initiated and funded by the Bush/Cheney administration.

Military bio-warfare has long been researching the delivery of a Pheromone based 'fear' inducing drug that can influence war, and even voting. Spraying such a weapon on a population prior to a vote, where a specific candidate is opposed to some artificial crisis, the Pheromone can cause a rational person to panic, which spread panic to others. For more information on these subjects you can google 'pheromone fear'.

In 2000 and 2004, the people of Bend, Oregon in majority voted for Bush/Cheney, many in Bend predict today that McCain will win in Bend, Oregon. It's clear that the people of Bend fully enjoy their designation of the new Manhattan Project for the ultimate doomsday weaponery, .e.g. bio-warfare. Similar to Hanford during WWII old-timers saw their land converted to Nuclear enrichment, today Bend, Oregon leads the nation in BIO-WEAPON systems. Gov Scharznegger has already committed $500M to Bend, Oregon's Suterra for producing chemicals to dump on the bay area. This money is assumed to be coming from Bush, via the US Dept of AG, under a Homeland Security emergency executive order.

Today the largest lawsuits in California history are being filed against the spraying, that said here in Oregon, the manufacturing is being ramped up several orders of magnitude.

the story of the LBAM spray is *really weird* 27.Oct.2008 17:17

Jody Paulson

I've never heard of anything like it.

I live in San Francisco, and they were going to spray the city with this stuff -- not the agricultural areas, but populated areas. This crap was sprayed on Monterey and Santa Cruz and it made people sick, and actually killed animals like rabbits.  http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2007/10/01/18450838.php

Experts agreed the moth the spray was supposed to "eradicate" would, in fact not be eradicated (duh ... for one thing it wouldn't have been sprayed over the agricultural areas it was meant to protect), the moth wasn't causing that much damage anyway (it had been around since the '50's), the spray was untested and there were safer ways to deal with the moth, etc. etc...

So we all protested, and *thought* we had stopped the spray, and the next thing I hear is that they are spraying anyway, just not over the city. WTF??? It certainly makes you wonder, what the hell are they really spraying for???