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The following can be printed and sent to Blumenauer or Wyden or ? in response to the relentless and stepped up spraying that has gone on over Portland lately. Anyone with eyes who has looked up at the sky the past week has seen a shocking display of aerial spraying over our city. If you call their offices they will say that you are the first call they have had. WHY THE COVER-UP? What are we being sprayed with? Call their offices and ask for an explanation.
The Honorable Earl Blumenauer
729 N.E. Oregon Street
Suite 115
Portland, OR 97232

Dear Congressman Blumenauer,

I would like an explanation as to why our skies and the air we breathe is repeatedly sprayed with unknown substances by high flying (and sometimes low flying) aircraft. Sometimes the spraying transforms an otherwise clear blue sky into a pasty white mass that blocks the sun entirely. I have written letters, faxed material, met with your assistant Hilary Barbour (who suggested that we go to Greenpeace!), questioned you at town hall meetings and other gatherings but to date have not received an explanation for the spraying. Why have we not been told why we are being sprayed, what materials we are being sprayed with and what we should do to protect ourselves from these substances should they be toxic?
Oregon state law prohibits weather modification without a license:
558.020 Purpose of ORS 558.010 to 558.140. The purpose of ORS 558.010 to 558.140 is to promote the public health, safety and welfare by providing for the licensing, regulation and control of interference by artificial means with the natural precipitation of rain, snow, hail, moisture or water in any form contained in the atmosphere. [1953 c.654 2]
558.030 Artificial weather modification prohibited without license. No person, without securing a license from the State Department of Agriculture, shall cause or attempt to cause by artificial means condensation or precipitation of rain, snow, hail, moisture or water in any form contained in the atmosphere, or shall prevent or attempt to prevent by artificial means the natural condensation or precipitation of rain, snow, hail, moisture or water in any form contained in the atmosphere. [1953 c.654 3]
Despite Oregon state law that clearly states that weather modification without a license is against the law aerial spraying goes on day after day and night after night absolutely unabated and unquestioned with no oversight from any state or federal agency. No one is looking after the health and welfare of the citizens of this state or warning us of the potential dangers of chronic and constant exposure to these heavy metals yet independent testing has revealed shockingly high levels of aluminum and barium in our rainwater and soil samples.
Mr. Blumenauer, you are a member of the climate committee and you are aware of these programs yet you do nothing to protect the citizens of this state from exposure to the aerosols. Why is this?

Has there been any testing of the air, water and soil to see whether we are in fact being exposed to the heavy metals and biological materials that independent researcher's claim we are? If there has not been any testing, why not? There are always technicians ready to test inside air should a request be made of the DEQ yet in the case of our entire sky and the air we breathe -- there is no testing despite repeated requests from many concerned citizens. I have personally tested rainwater after a heavy spraying and found surprisingly elevated levels of aluminum. Is there some kind of cover-up in place? We ask questions and receive no answers.

As you may know your colleague, Congressman Dennis Kucinich tried to ban the spraying in 2001 by introducing HR 2977 which named these trails he called "chemtrails," as an exotic weapon.

I would like a letter of response and not a referral to the "director of intelligence" at the air force for a reply. I have already received his form letter.

With Thanks and Concern,

David Morrison
1214 se 52nd
Portland Or 97215

homepage: homepage: http://www.oregonskywatch.com

That's really going to do a lot of good! 01.Nov.2008 02:33

FalseFlagUSA science@zzz.com

That open letter is really going to do a lot of good, NOT! Why not write an open letter to DARPA, or NORTHCOM, or STRATCOM, or Livermore Labs, at least that will get them thinking. I've been corresponding to Jerry E. Smith, the author of Weather Warfare, and even he isn't convinced that a coordinated worldwide chem-trail is going on, and perhaps he's right, but he may not be. It almost boggles the mind that a well-financed global operation would be going on, the costs would be enormous, and for what purpose? You and your little friend are sounding more like crack-pots than serious researchers, no matter how important you think your cause is. Good luck though.