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Denmark: brutal police attacks after protesters try to shut down detention camp

Denmark, Sandholm. After thousands of people tried to free asylum seekers from a danish asylum camp police brutally attacked the crowd with tear gas and began to beat up people.
The organizers of the action "Shut Down the camp!" had initiated a peaceful protest and made a call to peaceful direct actions. When the protesters began to tear down the fence of the asylum camp to free the inhabitants police started a massive attack and arrested more than 40, some of them sill in custody.

Police hunted protesters across the fields for hours. 300 hundred cops and a helicopter were used against the activists.

In Asylum Camps like Sandholm asylum seekers are sometimes detained for years, until they are (like in most cases) forcefully sent back to their homeland countries. Currently more than 2000 asylum seekers live isolated from the danish inhabitants in these prison style camps.


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ayslum seekers strike 09.Nov.2008 05:57

razia kabuli

Good Morning readers,read the strik of asylum seekers detained in some camp in denmark,first of all it is need to introduce myself,i am from Kabul Afganistan presently living in Quetta Pakistan,teaching in a private school.The asylum seekers in denmark,sweden,holan as will as in Australia,is not only a bad name for my beloved counry but also for Pakistan because i assure that because a huge number of Pakistani national have got asylum in different eoropeon countries as afgan refugee fraudly,travelled as a visiters through pakistani passports,went to police,registered them as afgan refugees,after a formal interviews with police,have got aslum as afgan refugees.Afgan,Pakistan councilates know all these fraud cases but it is strange even the Eoropean police is fully awared of such fraud/crimes but they have closed there eyes due to unknown reasons.Attention of concerned countries councilates are invited towards this importent international issue. Thanks. Razia Kabully from Quetta Pkistan.

asylum seekers strike 06.Dec.2008 05:56

razia kabuli

it is suggested that the sponsered persons who have paid an huge ampounts to the Pakistani Eoropeon subject must be invetigated by the police honestly because the ayslum seekers are innocient the main criminals are that who have got the huge amounts for their sponcership. It is requested to pardon the strikers on hummanitarian grounds but the sponcers must be checked from the immigration records and tackaled them under the law. Thanks.

fraud afgan ayslum seekers 15.Feb.2009 04:03

raziakabuli raza15

Eoroupean police and immigration are involved in corroption in ayslum seekers cases,the pakistani persian/duree speaking hazara comunity families r being accomodated in denmark,sweden and holland as afgan refugees,unawareness of police and immigration are impossible,if so, how they will stopped the terrorist and their entries, so it very clear that they know everything.

alamdar road quetta pakistan