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Demand justice for Brad Will - come to the Mexican consulate in Portland Monday morning

****** Solidarity for Oaxaca, for the APPO, for Brad Will ******
Respond to a call from Oaxaca for international action!
When: this Monday, October 27, 2008, 10:00 - 11:30am.

Where: Mexican Consulate, 1234 SW Morrison St., Portland

Why: on the Second anniversary of Brad's murder by security forces
in Oaxaca, demand justice for his companeros charged with his

Many of you saw the video of Brad Will's murder -- the video he shot
himself, as he documented the popular uprising of the people in Oaxaca.
That video and ample complementary evidence proves that Brad was killed
by security forces allied with the illegitimate governor, Ulises Ruiz

Under pressure to resolve the murder of a US citizen, URO's government
and that of president Calderon have committed a travesty: they've
arrested Brad's allies and companeros in the streets for the crime!

Juan Manuel Moreno Martinez and other companeros are currently in danger
of being convicted on these baseless charges. Activists in Oaxaca are
presenting demands that the government reverse this injustice, and have
called for international solidarity actions this Monday at 10:30am (see
call below). Join Oregonian friends of Brad, Oaxaca solidarity
activists, and traveling Oaxacan journalists at the Mexican Consulate to

1 - Free companero Juan Manuel Moreno Martinez.

2 - Cancel arrest warrants for all companer@s of the movement.

3 - Punish the real murderers: Manuel Martinez Feria, Ulises Ruiz
Ortiz, Felipe Calderón!

Please see the following call for more details (in Spanish). Also, for
English reporting on the issue, see  http://narconews.com .

(In particular,
 link to narcosphere.narconews.com


 link to narcosphere.narconews.com

Llamado urgente

*Apoyo y acompañamiento a Miguel Cruz Moreno, Leonardo Ortiz Cruz y Marco
Antonio Rojas Lázaro.*

* *

La familia del periodista Brad Will asesinado el 27 de Octubre de 2006
estuvo en Oaxaca el 21 de marzo del 2007 a presentar a cuatro testigos
presénciales de los hechos ante la PGR para desmentir la versión de la PGJEO
que la APPO mato a Brad Will y que se castigara a los verdaderos asesinos
paramilitares priístas de municipio de Santa Lucia del Camino.

A unos días de cumplirse dos años del asesinato la PGR a través del juzgado
cuarto de lo penal de Oaxaca gira ordenes de aprehensión contra integrantes
del movimiento social y detiendo ilegalmente la AFI a Juan Manuel Martínez
Moreno señalandolo como el actor material del asesinato de Brad Will y a
Octavio Pérez Pérez y Hugo Jarid Colmenares Leyva de encubrimiento y la
orden de aprehensión a otros seis compañeros.

*Ante estos hechos solicitamos a todas y todos ustedes su apoyo y
acompañamiento para el día lunes 27 de octubre de 2008 a las 10:30 a.m. en
el juzgado cuarto de lo penal en Oaxaca ya que el compañero Miguel Cruz
Moreno, Leonardo Ortiz Cruz y Marco Antonio Rojas Lazaro* se presentaran
bajo la protección de los amparos 1242/2008 y 1240/2008 ante el juez cuarto
de lo penal de la ciudad de Oaxaca para enfrentar el proceso penal que el
gobierno injustamente ha prefabricado a nuestros hermanos por el delito de
encubrimiento, expediente 155/08, así mismo para demostrar que la PGR ,
Felipe Calderón y Ulises Ruiz Ortiz están persiguiendo a gente inocente.

*Llamamos a la solidaridad internacional y nacional que pueda hacer acciones
desde sus lugares el día 27 de octubre de 2008 a las 10: 30 a .m. para
apoyar la presentación de los compañeros Miguel Cruz Moreno, Leonardo Ortiz
Cruz y Marco Antonio Rojas Lazaro y exigir:*

* *

*1.- Libertad inmediata al Compañero Juan Manuel Martínez Moreno. *

* *

*2.- Cancelación de las órdenes de aprehensión de todos y todas las
compañeras del movimiento.*

* *

*3.- Castigo a los verdaderos asesinos: Manuel Martínez Feria, Ulises Ruiz
Ortiz, Felipe Calderón*

* *

* *

Comunicarse al 51 7 81 90 o al 51 7 81 83


Jusitce for Sali 27.Oct.2008 12:20


What about Sali Eiler?

She was an activist since age 15, dedicated the past three years to activism in Oaxaca, the press has ignored her.
DemocracyNow covers Brad Will - nothing on Sali.
Tommorow night there is a memorial for Brad but not for Sali.

Why is her life and work being ignored?
She was raped and murdered one month ago.
How come this is not news?

. 28.Oct.2008 12:52

friend of sally

while i agree with you entirely, sally's story should be told, as well as the stories of the two indigenous radio broadcasters who were murdered earlier this year, and everyone else who has been strong and committed to fighting oppression:
one- friends and family of sally ARE telling her story, we had a memorial and take back the night march in honor of her, here in portland on october 12 featured on indymedia. there have been memorials in san diego, oaxaca, today will be one in santa cruz, one soon to happen in arizona. there is a website now sali-ratty.weebly.com dedicated to sharing memories, support and photos, and im sure folks are doing more that i dont know about personally
two- WE are the authors of media on this site. if you have more to add, by all means, add your story!

it is hard, for me at least, to hear about each new death and assault and rape, and i do worry about inordinate amounts of attention being spent on one horrible occurrence, while others are neglected. but our comrades are in jeopardy here for a murder the state committed, and that most certainly is news. it is beyond a shadow of a doubt worth our attention.

justice for our friends.
el color de la sangre no se olvida.

What about Sali? Eiler? 31.Oct.2008 19:06

Barbara Healy, mother of Sali barbara987@comcast.net

Dear S.V.,

I appreciate your "What about Sali Eiler" comment, and wanted to respond. The activist community has large hearts. Sali's family is deeply grateful for the huge outpouring of support and love we've received. Our hearts are broken, and we are angry that our daughter/sister has been raped and murdered. We have no doubt that those who treasued Sali will continue to remember her as well as continue to seek justice for her. We, Sali's family, are honored for all of the support, all of the memorials that have been held throughout North America and Mexico to celebrate her life.

AND, please remember....Brad Will was shot and killed on October 27th. This is a day forever etched in the hearts of Brad's family and friends. It is Brad's memorial, commemerating the date of his death and keeping alive the memory of his courage. I went to a local celebration of Brad's life. I celebrate both of their lives, and am glad that Brad has not been forgotten.

PS: Both Brad and Sali have alters at Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. Send them both love on Nov. 1

Barbara Healy, Eugene, OR