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Italian police HQ bombed, anarchists arrested

Bombs against the communal police of Parma: four anarchists arrested.
In the night of 19 to 20 of October, two bombs exploded in front of
the headquarters of the communal police of Parma (Italy). The damage
is limited, not one of the cops who were inside got hurt. This section
of the communal police was denounced lately by a student from Ghana,
Emmanuel Bonsu, who made public how he was beaten and tortured.
Lately, more and more denounces of migrants who are being tortured in
the police stations are made public. The actual climate in the Italian
streets can be characterised by a growing number of fascist attacks
against migrants, gypsies, homosexuals, 'alternative people' and
comrades (with the silent approval of a growing part of the
population), by a growing totalitarianism (with the army in the street
assisting the cops in their tasks and city counsels making
interdictions of whatever they want) and by the different police
sections who since the recent victory of Berlusconi don't feel the
need anymore to camouflage a bit their brutalities.

On the 20th of October, the houses of two anarchists from Verona were
searched. Three other houses (from their parents and friends) were
searched as well. The only thing that they found and confiscated was a
computer, pamphlets, 'political' material', a boxing iron and a knife.
The two comrades were taken to the police station and released at 8
pm, with an accusation of 'favouring trespassers' (article 378)
because of their refusal to make declarations. At this moment, three
other anarchists (two women and a man) get arrested and are
transferred to the prison. The accusation is not yet formalized, but
it seems to be the "fabrication, transport and deflagration of
explosive material with terrorist aims" and the hanging of a banner
(which was put at the headquarters just before the explosions,
denouncing the tortures). The next day, a fourth anarchist is arrested
in Parma and incarcerated.

The arrested are :

Giuseppe Sciacca
Nora Gattiglia
Maddalena Calore
casa Circondariale di Verona
Montorio via S. Michele 15
37133 - Verona

Santo Caselbonese Fonti
casa circondariale di Parma
Via Burla, 59
43100 Parma