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Port charges

the most recent charges from Port actions
Port Militarization Resistance in the NW is an anti-imperialist/anti-war resistance movement. It is important that we as a community support each other as well as others who face legal charges!

tonight 26 more people were charged from the port of olympia 2007 there names are posted below:
Amory E. Ballantine

Rachel A. Beckman

Alexa Borkan

Holly A. Carter

Kimberly (Kim) Y. Chaplin

Emily P. Cox

Rachel (Rara) L. Erickson

Michelle L. Fleming

Valery (Mallory) E. Hagel

Gabrielle A. Hoffman

Patricia (Patty) G. Imani

Madison S. Johnson

Cristen Love

Daisy J. Montague

Jarrett D. Olsen

Michella C. Onnis

Vita T. O'Shea

Julianne E. Panagacos

Molly R. Porter

Jennifer N. Richards

Fabiola Romero

Kate C. Schiffman

Stephanie N. Snyder

Allison (Allie) Van Nostran

Katherine (Katie) M. Waldeck

Sarah L. Warren

there is only one OTHER person still facing charges from the events that happened this November, that is Shyam Khanna, Shyam's case WILL be going to trail on Wednesday the 29th at the Thurston county court house located at 2000 Lakeridge drive in olympia WA. The court house is accessible on both the 43 and 44 bus lines. The trial will go all day and start at 9 am please come out if you can to show support for a community member.

In addition to those being charged for port of olympia, there are 7 people being charge for actions related to the port of Tacoma this past summer.

It is important that we support our community and support eachother

peace hugs and solidarity