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Green Scare Alive at the UofO?

Student Insurgent piece raises discussion in ASUO
elf piece
elf piece
Friday morning around 11:30AM Sam Dotters-Katz, president of the ASUO, told an editor of the University of Oregon Student Insurgent, a radical student newspaper, that a small mention of the ELF documentary Igniting Revolution in issue 20.1 (first issue of 2008-09 school year) caused a row in the ASUO. Apparently it was approaching illegality with its content mentioning something about what the FBI labeled terrorist organization. I included both a statement by Sam a copy of the piece.

Obviously this was not said to be a part of the green scare, this is my own personal question.

Here is the statement by Sam Dotters-Katz:

I will never come in here and tell you what you can or can't write in your publication, but I must operate under my capacity as president of the ASUO. I will not allow a personal, moral, or ethical judgment by any individual, especially one concerning any student group, to effect my judgment. However, the the ELF piece was getting close to an undefined line, one that no one wants to approach. After discussing it, it was found to be well within your right of free speech, but a lot people didn't like it, myself included.

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