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Mass protests in Italy. Any news?

Anyone got any useful info on the recent wave of protests by students and union members in Italy in the last month? 'Last week university students and lecturers joined for the first time in a growing wave of protests against cuts and reforms imposed by Berlusconi's young education minister, Mariastella Gelmini. Following sit-ins and marches, the main trade union federations have called for a one-day general education strike on October 30' (The Guardian).
Big demos all over.
There's a repot in Italian of many of the regional demos and pictures of riot cops attacking students in Milan:

 link to www.corriere.it

And another Italian report here (with videos and pictures):


In lieu of any other source, here is an excerpt from Socialist Worker (Im afraid)

Mass protests in Italy to stop cuts:

Cries of "Berlusconi, now you know what people think of you!" rang through the streets of Rome last Friday as half a million people demonstrated against the right wing government. Milan and Turin each saw marches of 50,000 too.

Half of the country's schools closed down, with students and teachers walking out over government plans to sack 87,000 teachers.

Transport ground to a halt as bus and train workers joined a strike called by the three small independent unions for improved wages and conditions, security and pensions. The major union confederations did not back the strike call.

Tens of thousands of school and university students joined protests demonstrating against attacks on migrants and the growth of precarious employment.

homepage: homepage: http://www.corriere.it/cronache/08_ottobre_21/scuola_occupazioni_cortei_6873de68-9f54-11dd-b0d4-00144f02aabc.shtml