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States purging voters for no reason

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a bench, Pete fell off and who was left (after the democrats sat passively like sheep). Same shit. Different year. Voter rolls are being purged in Colorado, Ohio and elsewhere.
Don't Disenfrancise Voters in Ohio (and elswhere) October 23, 2008 10:15 AM
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Don't Disenfrancise Eligible American Voters!

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A New York Times article last week suggested that many key states are "cleaning up" the voting rolls - but in the process, they may be disenfranchising eligible voters!

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Election officials are only supposed to verify eligibility with the federal Social Security database when they cannot locate a match in state records, since state records (based on drivers' licenses) are generally most up to date. But several states have been verifying voter records with the federal database instead, leading to new residents being denied voting rights in their new state.

And names should only be purged in the case of voters moving out of state or dying, but it appears that this isn't happening in several states. For example, in the three weeks after July 21 in Colorado, an estimated 37,000 people were purged from voter rolls - but only 5,100 people moved out of the state and 2,400 died.

So why were the other 29,500 voters removed from the rolls? Election officials have no answer to this question, but they should. With tight races for president and senator, the nation's attention will be focused on Colorado and several other states.

Urge your governor to ensure that all of your state's eligible voters are on the voter rolls before November 4! >>

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