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This has all been secret for months and years, but yesterday the sale was finalized. Suterra nows owns Bend, OR. Gordon Smith's dream of Eastern Oregon being a bio-weapon mecca has arrived.
The purchase was completed yesterday, and the PDF's can be found at http://juniper-ridge-info.blogspot.com/, by clicking on 'suterra sale'. These are all city of Bend documents. If you wish to know about 'Suterra' and their bio-weapon's simply use google. In Bend, Oregon JUNIPER-RIDGE BEND AREA-51 TOP SECRET | LBAM Spray Bay Area I was alerted by an acquaintance to an article published in an Oregon newspaper, The Bulletin, regarding Suterra's potential plan to purchase 1500 acres of land in Bend, Oregon to build their new pesticide factory. I'm sorry I can't link readers to the actual article - apparently you have to have a paid subscription to access it, but here is something I know my readers will wish to understand. A Suterra representative is quoted as follows in the news article: "Pheremone based pesticides don't contaminate ground water or affect other animals or kill crop damaging insects". This will come as news to everyone in Santa Cruz and Monterey County who saw their watershed poisoned, their wildlife and pets killed and lost their health after being exposed to aerial applications of Suterra's pheromone-pesticide, Checkmate, in 2007. It is simply outrageous that Suterra is making statements like this, and a terrible mistake on the part of The Bulletin for printing this lie, the intent of which on the part of Suterra is clearly to deceive the public into believing Suterra's presence in the community will not lead to the poisoning of residents, their habitat and their water. Here in California, we know what Suterra's products do to us, our wildlife, our domestic animals and our environment, and it is because of this that I am urging you to write to this newspaper and urge them to print a correction. The people of Bend need the true facts. If they are to protect themselves, they need to be up in arms and not permit this corrupt and incredibly dangerous corporation to take root in their innocent town. Just think of the health damage that may be done to them if Suterra is not stopped from turning Bend into their own private pesticide lab. Please, if you have been physically or psychologically abused by Suterra in connection with the LBAM spray public health crisis, take just a few minutes to write to the author of the article and the newspaper's editor to share what you know about Suterra and their 'safe' pesticides. Peter Sachs psachs@bendbulletin.com Tim Doran tdoran@bendbulletin.com Urge these men to do their duty as members of the press by printing true, unbiased facts... not simply republishing the marketing pitches of special interest groups. Printing these kinds of statements endangers public health. Here is my letter to these 2 gentlemen: Welcoming Suterra To Your Community? Dear Sirs, I was extremely concerned when a friend in your community forwarded me an article printed in your paper regarding pesticide manufacturer Suterra's attempted acquisition of 1500 acres of land in Bend, Oregon. Of greatest concern to me was the quote you printed from Suterra claiming that pheromone pesticides do not contaminate ground water or pose a health risk to people and wildlife. Unfortunately, California's experience with the pheromone-pesticide Checkmate, manufactured by Suterra, has proven just the opposite. Following the aerial spraying of Checkmate on Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties in the autumn of 2007, the following damages were done: 1) The watershed was horrifically fouled with a yellow, foaming substance. This included the coastline, rivers and lakes. 2) More than 600 seabirds, including endangered species, washed up dead on the beaches. 3) Songbirds disappeared from gardens for weeks following the spray. In some areas, they have still not returned after nearly a year from the spraying. 4) Pets including cats, dogs and rabbits died. Fish in landscaping ponds died. 5) Beekeepers reported massive confusion and dieoff in their hives. 6) More than 600 families filled out illness reports after being sprayed. Complaints included respiratory complaints, irritation of eyes and skin, vomiting, diarrhea and the recommencement of menstruation in menopausal women over the age of 65. Upon citizen investigation, it was discovered that each of these symptoms were linked with known effects of the ingredients in Suterra's Checkmate. 7) 2 formerly-healthy small children were hospitalized and nearly died of respiratory and heart failure after being sprayed with Checkmate. Both children now have chronic asthma and are being kept breathing with medication. I am listing these basics of exposure to Suterra's products so that you will understand that they are not, in fact safe, and that the people of Bend, Oregon will be in very real danger if Suterra is allowed to build their pesticide factory in the community. The fact of the matter is, no studies have ever been done on the chronic (long-term) effects of Suterra's products on human beings, wildlife, water or habitat. These pesticides were initially used on fruits and vegetables. Now, in California, they are spraying them on human beings with disastrous effects of the kind I have just described above. This is being done without any testing for chronic effects, so it is false to state that pheromone-pesticides are safe. In the absence of proof, that statement is a lie. In closing, I would like to add that 'Biotech' is a marketing euphemism created to replace the term 'Genetic Modification' because the public reacted negatively to the idea of being exposed to genetically modified substances. It is up to the people of Bend, Oregon whether the want to allow GMO/pesticide manufacturers to infiltrate their community. My letter is written to you in hopes that you will present them with the true facts regarding Suterra and their products so that your community can make an informed choice. Thank you for reading my letter. Sincerely, & etc.