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Apparently, the law is different in Linn County

Here, in Clackamas County, cops can kill an injured, burned, naked, and unarmed man with impunity, and in Marion County, kill an unarmed man in the street, and in Multnomah County and Portland, kill numberless innocents without repercussion, but in LINN COUNTY, a drunk, off duty Deputy is involved in an assault, where the victim does not even want to prosecute, and they throw the freakin book at him.
Apparently, Deputy John Lovick, who has been with the Linn County Sheriff's department for twenty years, has pissed someone off seriously. This is not intended, in any way, to make light of what he has done, but rather to ask the question of metropolitan Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, What is wrong with you people. I mean, FINALLY, Bill Bergin swallowed the big pill, and "voluntarily resigned" from the Sandy Police Department, thus removing an enormous amount of feces from the flat shoes of Chief Skelton who has been unexplainably supportive of his murdering hiney, even after he murdered Fouad Kaady, then drove while under the influence to his ex girlfriend's home in Sherwood, terrorized her, and then tried to use his status as a member of the exclusive cop club to avoid prosecution. He has more recently been on "administrative leave" at the expense of Sandy taxpayers, while an unexplained investigation was ongoing. No details were given, but Since Bill worked closely with the recently discharged deputy Clagget, there is an inference that perhaps he was also involved in Clagget's sexual escapades. Six burly Portland Cops kicked poor James Chasse to death, and received no discipline, not even a 'no no' letter. Two Portland cops killed an unarmed man who was in lockdown, in a mental institution, and were given meritorious citations, and and, and... I cannot continue, I am in meltdown.
Back to the question-WHAT IS WRONG WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE METRO AREA? Wait- what is RIGHT with it?