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Brad Will Memorial

in eugene, oregon
What: Brad Will Memorial
When: October 28th 7pm
Where: Owen Memorial Rose Gardens, 300 N. Jefferson St., Eugene, OR

On Tuesday, October 28th we invite the community
to join us for a memorial celebrating the life of
activist and videographer Brad Will. The event
will take place at the Owen Memorial Rose Gardens
at 300 N. Jefferson St, Eugene, OR (this is the
gardens right on the River bike path near the N.
Polk community garden for those on bike).
A space will be created at the gardens for
leaving thoughts, candles, remembrances and can
be visited all day. A memorial will be held at
7pm and will include music and speakers from
Mexico and Latin America. This event will also
pay homage to other fallen friends and activists
from Mexico and the US, including Marcella "Sali"
Grace Eiler (from Eugene), Teresa Bautista
Flores, and
Felicitas Martínez , Kirsten Brydum and several others.. Please
bring candles, instruments, snacks, beverages and
raingear (there is a covered area at the gardens).

Brad was an independent journalist from New York
City, who was shot and killed at close range by
either an antigovernment protester or government
sympathizer while filming civil unrest in the
state of Oaxaca, Mexico two years ago. Just this
week 2 activists were arrested and charged with
Brad's murder. However, people close to Will's
family have indicated that the 2 charged are not
to blame for his murder, and in fact assisted in
attempts to save his life. For more information
on the life and times of Brad Will check out
these 2 websites:


Please consider hosting a similar event in your community too.

Brad Will was not killed by a bullet at close range 28.Oct.2008 18:36


Brad Will was not killed by a bullet at close range. The two APPO activists are being charged with his murder as part of an attempted coverup by the Mexican government. Please educate yourself on this issue and write and call the Mexican officials to demand that the APPO activists be released immediately. To get phone #'s and addresses for the relevant officials you can go to Amnesty International's website.