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Are You Dumber Than A Politician?

You are dumber than Sarah Palin. Congratulations.
Are You Dumber Than A Politician?

Sarah Palin is too stupid to vote, never mind being the Vice President of the United States. However, that pales in comparison to the actions
of one of her faithful adherents.

Mark Ciptak, a resident of Tennessee, celebrated the birth of his daughter by sneaking behind his wife's back and naming the girl Sarah
McCain Palin. "Sure, she is a girl, but I wanted to name her John McCain. I thought that maybe it was going too far overboard."
Ciptak also said that he caused a deliberate distraction at the hospital in order to fill out the birth certificates and have his name put into the
registry without his wife's permission. "She didn't realize that a new form was printed with my handwriting, I suppose, because of the stress of
being a mother, with everything going on."