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Oaxaca: March For Sali

On Tuesday, September 30, which would have been Sali's 21st birthday, Sali's friends and comrades held a march in her honor and memory in Oaxaca, Mexico. About 200 people attended and marched from the Seven Regions Fountain to the Cathedral in the zocalo. The major themes were justice for Sali and an end to violence against women.

At the rally in front of the Cathedral, this statement by Sali's mother, Barbara, was read (in Spanish):
I would have people know that my daughter Sali was the light of my heart. Sali taught me love, patience, and acceptance. She taught me to work joyously, hard, and to fight like hell for what you believe in. Sali's father, her step mother, her brother and sisters, all of her family and I have an unfathomable depth of grief over the loss of her love and spirit.

We feel the outpouring of love coming from Sali's people in Oaxaca, in Mexico, and across North America. We appreciate all that you have been, have done, and will do for Sali and in Sali's memory. We thank you for your every effort to continue to seek justice in the death of our darling Sali. It means everything to us as a family.

And this drawing, by Sali's half-sister Claire, was distributed. The day before Sali's family learned of her murder, Claire was at a friend's house and came home with a drawing, of which this is a part. She said her drawing was of a dead girl, and that this image was "the dead girl waving goodbye." It is Sali waving goodbye to all of those she loves.

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