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Murfreesboro, TN: Republican Headquarters Attacked

Anarcho-Vandals threw a brick marked with a sign of anarchy through the downtown Republican headquarters early Tuesday.

The brick shattered the glass at the front of the headquarters, landing near the rear of the office, said vice chair Lou Ann Zelenik.

"It (the brick) said anarchy," Zelenik said.

Zelenik said the glass shattered a beach ball children play with when they visit the headquarters.

Volunteers hoped to clear the glass before the party-sponsored downtown concert with Aaron Tippin and Pat Garrett at 6:30 tonight on the downtown square.

"I was sick," Zelenik said of the vandalism. "Why would somebody want to do this? We need Republicans, Democrats and independents... and I think that's what freedom stands for."

She doesn't understand why someone would be angry enough to commit the vandalism.

"America is the world's last great hope," Zelenik said. "I don't know why anybody would do this in this country."

Workers said it may cost $3,000 to replace the glass.


Bravery Knows no bounds 22.Oct.2008 22:37


Real brave there, tossing bricks through windows in the middle of the night. Just as a point of clarity here, but an evil capitalist pig will get that three grand for fixing the window.

Wait there is a call coming in...Ernest T. Bass called and he wants his M.O. back.

What? 23.Oct.2008 01:27


Re: "Zelenik said the glass shattered a beach ball children play with when they visit the headquarters."

It shattered a beach ball?

Good work. Children should not be allowed to play with such a dangerous beach ball.