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Olympia: Obama Campaign Offices Attacked

More shenanigans from Olympia...
Dear Obama Campaign Office,

Since we understand your inability to recognize the synonymous nature of oppression and politics we, Hooligans Attack at Night, Duh (H.A.N.D), have engaged in tactics necessary to achieving ultimate autonomy (anarchy). Listen, Obama can have his power only by denying us the ability to be free.

The fog and the darkness of night aided our ability to break your windows and cover your offices in anti-government messages such as "Dem's Are Fascists" and "No More Rulers, I Want Freedom".

This action was undertaken in hopes of showing the Dem's that they won't get off the hook just for being on the left side of the bullshit bi-partisan system we got going on. Those fucking liberals want you to think they'll bring change but they don't give a fuck about the corporatization of government (fascism), getting the pigs out of your community, the complete toxification of our environment, exploiting millions of workers to maintain this disgusting level of consumerism, or the imminent collapse of energy dependent infrastructure.

We know they might seem like they're the nice guy (good cop, kind master, etc) but what a fucking joke. They want you you to keep your shitty job and take as much money away from you as possible. We think it's time to stop trusting these greasy motherfucking politicians and build our future with our own hands.

It's up to us everyday people to show those power hungry slave masters that no matter how catchy their slogans or how young and hip their candidate is we will never obey their orders. They (the rich) control the political process so the only real means of change is direct action against their structures of power (police stations, prisons, courts, army bases, surveillance cameras) and manipulation (campaign headquarters, television networks, corporate news media). Don't be afraid to show your anger! Justify your actions by the hundreds of years of suppression, subjection, exploitation, and violence perpetrated by the United States government against people like us.

This November, we're voting:


~ H.A.N.D (Hooligans Attack at Night, Duh)

P.S. To all of you too afraid to strike back, it wasn't as hard as you'd think. 3 cops drove past us during our attack, you just gotta kill the cop in your head.


congratulations 25.Oct.2008 12:39

such heroism

Hmmm, cops failed to stop stupid white kids vandalizing campaign office of the black guy. Who'd'a thunk it.

You're doing their job FOR them this time guys.