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Be Prepared (for disaster/economic collapse)

Things to keep in mind as we head for an economic meltdown ...
I don't want to scare anyone, but it's been apparent to me for years that America's economy is not sustainable, and it appears more and more likely we are in the midst of a collapse. With that in mind, here are two interesting articles for your consideration:

100 Items to Disappear First

What If US Collapses? Soviet Collapse Lessons Every American Needs To Know
 link to madconomist.com

Radical Botany

Does anyone else have any interesting articles or advice to share?

homepage: homepage: http://jpaulson.blogspot.com

The Crash Course 19.Oct.2008 22:09


This has been floating around a board I frequent so thought I would share it.



The Crash Course is a multi-media presentation broken into short segments. It covers the history of money creation in this country, exponential growth and consumption rates and the reason it has to come to an end. Exponential growth meets exponential depletion = crash and burn

independence verses humanity 19.Oct.2008 23:14

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

It's a bit frightening, that we're discussing such scenarios. Especially when we're facing such choices.

I have a proposal though. Why don't we make this a "selective" recession. Pull all support from multi-national companies, and move our support to local business.

yes, it's important to be prepared for a financial emergancy, as I'm expecting one to come along soon. But all this talk of stocking up, and stuff just reinforces the illusion of scarcity that our monetary system has created. As long as they have everyone convinced that there isn't enough to go around, they can demand as much as they want. They can turn us against eachother, and create panics, as they see fit.

Be aware of your neighbors, build community, those are what will get us all through this.

Hence why we need a Bioregional Cooperative Commonwealth of Cascadia 20.Oct.2008 08:19

Ecotopian Yeti

With the global economic collapse potentially creating NeoFeudalism ... with mass voter purging and election fraud .... with global climatic change due to the petroleum and human destruction of ecosystems (introduction and increase of cattle and monocultures) ... with the fact we are passing peak oil as well as depletion of other natural resources .... what will save you and me as individuals ... will be localization of the economic systems ... will be sharing and community building on the personal and neighborhood level .... will be democratization of labour (be it the workplace or the human made construct of gender roles) ... will be universal education divorced from monetary value and re-examination of what education is (education is not class rooms, credits or diplomas) ... will be a restoration of the sacredness of the commons and the emphasis on responsibility to the other ... will be a reapproachment to health as a basic right and responsibility as opposed to a profitable venture for by individuals and corporations .... will be the dismantling of the corporation and hierarchal structures while the restoration and celebration of the personhood of the human, the other animals, the plants and even to Mother Earth herself ... and ... will be you and I as actors in the sacred life drama and not being mere audience members applauding or booing the tragedy on a box that projects digital imagines of the tragedy of our shared being.