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The Zeitgeist movement : rolling stone or utopian ideology?

zeitgeist has got the conscious youth buzzing, but is the movement's proposal really buzz-worthy?
If you haven't seen it yet, chances are you haven't visited youtube recently, or heard it mentioned in youtubian conversation. The documentary that is split into 2 parts is available for free viewing on both youtube and at the movement's homepage (www.zeitgeistmovie.com) The subject matter is relatively substantial, and relevant, especially given the current economic situation. Dealing with the kind of enslavement and suffering imposed by the modern economic system, the movie also discusses our implications as consumers as well as our responsibility to change. It covers everything from the true nature of inflation to the types of puppet governments the U.S. has helped develop (and later topple) in the pursuit of the almighty dollar. Not that any of the information is new or surprising, but it is very comprehensive, well constructed, and effectively puts economics in layman-esque, thus broadening it's potential audience.
A single point of contention: the documentary's ideological approach to establishing what is, ultimately, Utopia. Though no one in their right mind could argue with the proposal the movie outlines, the means of achieving it seem over simplified and just plain unrealistic. They talk about changing the way we institutionalize ourselves. They talk about how things could be made better if people could only learn to be more compassionate and indulge less in their materialistic ways. They stress the importance of clean technology and returning to a system that does not use paper money. Their solution seems to rely on the eradication of human selfishness as well as a concentrated universal cooperation.
All great ideas, but nothing that humanity has not been striving towards for centuries. It is my greatest hope that a plan like this, with enough people behind it, would be considered seriously and could gather enough momentum to really change things, but I am very doubtful of the success it will have. That being said, it is still a very interesting and worth-while piece that a lot of hard work and passion was poured into. Rolling stone, or just Utopian ideology? you decide.....


Lot's of interesting topics brought up by Zeigeist. 19.Oct.2008 00:44

Exile portalnder_in_exile@yahoo.com

The original version (prior to the adendum) was much like a horror movie, that we are all starring in. While I agree with the premise of Zeigeist, their version of utopia would require massive depopulation in order for it to be realized. It would also be very easy for someone that doesn't share the ideology, to be able to manipulate those that do.

for those who haven't seen it, here is the cliff notes

Zeitgeist, part one (how they they fucked your ancesters, or religion as control)
Zeitgeist, Part two (how september 11th fucked you, or "how to pull off a black flag operation and not get caught)
Zeitgeist, part three (How they are fucking you daily, or " Look! we can make money out of air! (and you can't)"

Zeitgeist, Adendum part one (see, we told you they were fucking you, or "unfolding financial crisis and you"
Zeitgeist, Adendum part two (is you ass sore yet? or "what can you do to fuck them back".

It's worth watching, definately. I've recommended it many times to people. Many of the sheeples totally think it's fiction.

One of the things that frustrates me though, is that even though I've written on this media system many, many times about how to stop them, it doesn't appear to be sticking. Perhaps Zeitgeist will.