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Tre Arrow Update

Latest Update October 15, 2008

Tre is in Herlong, CA, where he is likely going to be until at least May, 2009.
( http://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/her/index.jsp)
Tre has transitioned from Oregon and is in the Sierra highlands of northern California, 50 miles northwest of Reno, NV, and about 30 miles southeast of Susanville, CA.
Herlong is located at the extreme Eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the southeastern region of Honey Lake Valley. Herlong resides in Lassen County, which is one of the last counties in the west that is still considered "open range" land, so cattle are known to graze the community.

Tre can have up to 5 adult visitors at one time. Feel free to make travel plans to visit Tre and some of the gorgeous California Sierras (click 'Visit Tre' in the 'How You Can Help' tab, to the left).

Tre is deeply appreciative of the 360 degree mountain range that surrounds him, and the natural beauty he witnesses daily—snow, lots of sun with clear, pristine blue skies. He enjoys being outside a large portion of his free time. You may know how much music feeds his soul, and Tre is able to play guitar, sing and reconnect with his deep passion.

Tre would like to personally thank each of you for the extra intentions, positivity, love and light you've been sending during this difficult and uncertain transition time. He feels a tremendous surge of total gratitude for everyone's ongoing prayers. Please continue to send him your encouraging intentions to manifest experiences that allow him to accrue credit toward an earlier release date.

homepage: homepage: http://trearrow.org

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