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23rd International Day of Action Against McDonalds, to mark World Food Day

We need your help! Please meet us at McDonald's, SW 6th & Main at noon sharp. We'll take inspiration from the UK's amazingly effective "Mc Ass" campaign.
JOIN US TOMORROW, OCT. 16TH, NOON, AT MCDONALD'S -- 1035 sw 6TH (& MAIN) -- TO KICK MCASS (PRETTY PLEASE)!!! You're encouraged to bring signs, and we'll have flyers to hand out. We'll also bring animal costumes...THANKS.

Mc Ass

The 16 October of every year the F.A.O. celebrates the "world food day" (just a stupid anniversary of the foundation of the Food and Agriculture Organization by the United Nations).
The sense of this day interests us because of the cruel exploitation and killing of sentient beings.
At the end of last century, London Greenpeace (not Greanpeace, the organization defending some animal rights in order to eat them then with the clean conscience) promoted, in concomitance with the date of the FAO, a world day of resistance against Mc Donald's, one of the multinationals mostly responsible for the hunger in this world.

Therefore tomorrow, October 16th 2007, we have planned a mini-protest in order to disturb the king of the bullies, Mc Donald's, with a business based on the systematic extermination of millions of animals.
We have done it in "smart mob" style because this type of rapid mobilization has allowed us to plan her on the fly, in two persons, just the day before.

A smart mob substantially consists of a rapid but spectacular grouping...In order to guarantee this second requisite we have taken inspiration from the Mc advertisement ("only fresh and genuine products" ahahah ): we have printed three photos of big flabby butts; we have stamped them "Mc Culo"& "Mc Ass", and appended them on our buttocks, for immediately suggesting the consequences of the Mc genuineness.

homepage: homepage: http://deposit313.altervista.org/mc_culi/mc_botties_en.htm