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Powell's Burnside hires overzealous security guard to harass people

About a month and a half ago, I was sitting on a bench inside Powell's without my shoes on, reading a book. A female security guard came up to me and asked me to put my shoes back on, which I did. Several days later, I was reading at Powell's, again with my shoes off, and the same security guard approached me and explained the store's policy regarding shoes. I said I understood, and put my shoes back on. I thought the whole issue was settled, and everything was fine, until my most recent encounter with this same security guard.

On Wednesday, October 8th, at around 5:15 p.m., I was shopping for some books and needed to use the rest room. When I went into the rest room, that same security guard was also in the bathroom. Since I had my shoes on, I didn't think anything of it, and figured she would leave the rest room after she finished her business. I went into a stall, took my coat off, and used the toilet. Personally, when I use the toilet, I have a harder time going when I have my shoes on. I must take them off to concentrate. Since I was in a bathroom stall doing something so personal, I didn't think that taking my shoes off, while sitting on the toilet defecating, broke Powell's policy of having to wear shoes in the store. I put my shoes back on after I finished, flushed the toilet, picked up my coat and bag, and exited the stall. When I walked out of the stall, the security guard was standing outside of my stall, staring at me, with another Powell's employee standing next to her.
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