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government selection 2008

VIDEO:: House Representative Candidate District 3 Michael Meo

Michael Meo is running against Earl Blumenauer
He is a a Green Party Peace Candidate
I filmed him speaking on 10-10-08
Michael Meo Peace Candidate 2008
Michael Meo Peace Candidate 2008
Michael Meo from the Green Party, is a candidate for House District 3
(Earl Blumenauer's area)
He was speaking (with other greens)for 8 minutes at Pioneer Square on October 10th 2008


Michael compares the American Empire and our forced will on others in comparison to the Roman Empire and to the British Empire. He tells how we don't need to run our country with an iron fist. He suggests we should look and learn from past empires. Michael encourages changing our attitude and we should be regarding "all people" as important, and allowing their voices to be heard and acknowledged.

Michael Meo is a "peace candidate" for District 3
He spent 2 years in a federal prison for refusing to fight in our immoral war with Vietnam
He has my vote

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