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corporate dominance

Measure 65 subverts democracy

Don't be fooled by those who claim Measure 65 is about "Open primaries".
The reality is that Measure 65 is intended by its sponsors to remove all
minor party and all citizen-sponsored candidates from the general election
In fact, the three prominent minor parties in the state are AGAINST
this initiative! The Pacific Green Party, the Independents and the
Libertarians ALL signed statements asking Oregon voters to vote NO on this
issue because they understand that it will subvert (not enhance)

Measure 65 will destroy Oregon minor political parties, reduce voter
choices, confuse the ballots, and reward dirty politicking.
While electoral reforms that empower the voter are something most
Oregonians support, the solution is not a "top two" primary system that
limits voter's choices in the general election.

Instant runoff voting is a far more effective and democratic reform and
the good news is the Oregon constituion already allows it.