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radical families and housing

is anyone interested in starting a radical family house?
i am currently living in santa cruz and moving to portland at the end of october. i have been searching for housing on craigslist (tee hee i typed craigslist and my automatic spell check changes it to capitalist) typing in kids and children ( to see which houses are down) only to find no kids no children allowed. i think it would be really awesome to rent a house ( got i wish i could own) with other radical parents and kids and people who wanna help out with kids or like kids etc. . i know how tough it is to find housing wehre people are down with kids and ok with them which sucks! so anyone interested? lets live together, have a garden, take our kids on trips, have a childcare collective etc. . .!

Housing Discrimination 15.Oct.2008 13:34

Working Class Mama

You can file a lawsuit against any landlord(person offering up housing) who tells you directly or indirectly that children are not allowed. Posting a craigslist ad stating that is blatant housing discrimination.

For those who are not aware, having children puts you at higher risk for housing denial than having dogs or cats or being a bunch of college kids or drop out artists. Especially if you are a single parent and/or have multiple children. I've known a couple folks who have clean rental histories and stable jobs who've had a very difficult time finding housing. Even in low income subsidized housing. It is such a chronic problem that the government made it against the law. Often times landlords won't know the laws and will deny you right to your face. Other times they'll be very interested until they find you have children then suddenly "another applicant came up" or the house is somehow "unsuitable for children"(which, if true, is illegal to rent to anybody).
Ironically, parents(single or no) are the most reliable and responsible and long term tenants a landlord could hope for. We can't miss rent payments. For a parent financial stability is priority. We can't neglect or damage our home environment or keep an excessively dirty house. Once tied into a school/neighborhood, we can't just pick up and move on a whim without thoroughly upsetting the children. Yeah children break stuff sometimes. Yeah they can be noisy sometimes. At least with children it stops at bed time. At least there is a responsible adult around who has to care enough to fix things that break.

I wish you luck in finding a house! I personally have a pretty good deal going with where I'm at, otherwise I'd be into it. It wasn't that long ago that some parents were talking about something like that and I think Portland Collective Housing was working on something like that. Hopefully they'll chime in here and provide an update.
Affordable housing is in super high demand and scarce(most been torn down and made into high priced condos or sold off at inflated prices). So competition is fierce. Although slummy, tiny apartments are readily available, if you don't mention you have kids ;). Jobs are scarce here too. Everybody and their mother wants to live in Portland right now for some reason, like we're the new San Francisco(yuck!) or Seattle(vomit!). So make sure you have a job before you move here.

it's all relative 16.Oct.2008 07:28

former cruzano

Housing seems tight and expensive in Portland compared to 10 years ago, maybe, but both these issues (scarce housing and jobs) are worse in Santa Cruz. Ask sfbay.craigslist.org/scz about "rooms under $300" and you get all of one ad, and that's for $275 a WEEK. Anybody coming from S.C. will think everything's cheap and plentiful here by comparison.