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What's up with encampment near Hawthorne bridge on eastside?

What's up with encampment near Hawthorne bridge on eastside?
It's been there for a few weeks, underneath the Hawthorne Bridge area, near the eastbank esplanade. I hear drums being played. Dozens of young people, like the street kids you'll see at Pioneer Square. Anyone know what's up with it? Why are they there? Is it legal?

Drum Circle 13.Oct.2008 00:27


Every 1st and 3rd Sunday... usually when ever the weather is decent...they have drum circles and fire dancing. Its open to all and pretty amazing! Everytime that I have gone the police will come through...but they have always left everyone alone until about midnight or so...then at times they want it to break up a little. But they usually start at sun-set. Lots of fun...amazing energy...great free communal gathering. Go check it out! Bring a drum(or any instrument), your dancing shoes, your listening ears, your smiling face, and your heart to share love with others in the community! see ya there~

calendar quibble 13.Oct.2008 09:44


yesterday was the second sunday of october