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classist hate murder in los angeles

On Thursday Oct. 9 an organized group of hate thugs burned a 55-year-old homeless man to death on the streets of Los Angeles.

I was homeless for years and this is fucking disgusting.
The victim's name was John Robert McGraham. He'd been a street person in the same neighborhood for 20 years, and his neighbors said he didn't bother anyone.

In all the months I ever spent sleeping outdoors I was never assaulted by anybody except occasionally cops. But it's always in the back of your mind that any asshole could walk up and kick you in the head, stab you, whatever. I remember having two different vivid dreams involving somebody breaking into my room at a squat and shooting me, and getting dragged down a hill in my sleeping bag without being able to see what was going on. The kinds of things where you're relieved to wake up. Shows what your unconscious mind is having to deal with.