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Economic Fascism and The United States

If I do not believe in, trust, or support the US Federal Government, my home should not be in jeopardy. The Federal Government, whenever they choose, through the IRS, will take your home if you do not support them. This confiscation of property by the Federal Government is absolutely and unequivocally wrong, and it is illegal.

For the Federal Government to threaten me with stealing my home because I want them to fail, is economic FASCISM.
Let the Federal Government collect it's taxes but to put my home in peril because of taxes - is ECONOMIC FASCISM.

I want the Federal Government to spend itself into bankruptcy and irrelevance; and it is my patriotic right as a human and and an American to have control over my money to do so.

I believe in local taxes, and local representation of those taxes; to me - the FED is DEAD.

The day a Trident Nuclear submarine pulls into port for salvage and dismantling, because the US Federal Government has no money, will be the day I open a bottle of champagne, and christen my life.
(I will drink it and not smash it on some battleship).

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