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*SCAM ALERT!!* Predatory Company Operating on PDX Craigslist and Other Free Classifieds

Consumer alert to predatory practices by rental broker agency operating in Portland Oregon.
*SCAM WARNING!!* Rental-Data Bureau's (aka RDB, rental-data.com) Predatory Practices

If you are seeking rental property in the Portland Metro area you may have run across their NUMEROUS "Call RDB" house listing ads online. The ads often list enticingly low prices in attractive areas, yet NEVER offer an address or a photo.

Avoid these people and their dubious 'service' like the plague on free society they are. They republish a database of freely obtained house listings from off the net and charge RENTERS $35 to see their substandard imageless database. They illegitimately spam the free classified sites with their 'listings' which are in reality only ads for their website 'service'. They use phony bait and switch tactics by listing enticing properties in their ads that do not exist in the database once you become a member.

If *YOU* feel you have been defrauded by these people PLEASE contact my email below to join a list for a possible future class action.
You should ALSO contact the OR State Attorney General's office and the Better Business Bureau of OR & WA and officially register your complaint.

It is hard enough being a renter in Portland without such predatory vermin preying upon hard working people. These are actual UNSOLICITED posts to craigslist less than 24 hours after I posted a SCAM warning:

I tried Rental-Data a few months back, and it was the worse website for Rentals I have ever experienced.

No pictures, no email for the houses/units. Just the address of the home and a name. Nothing big, nothing worth paying for. Totally useless, because most of the rentals on their list, IS ADVERTISED ON CRAIGSLIST!

I am trying to find a home for a family that are transferring here. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't like to waste their time.


Obviously I am not the only one who feels this way!

This was the biggest rip off. I'll tell you why.

I inquired recently because I always saw their ads. I said I'm looking for Section 8, 3b, possibly four. ONE location.

So I paid the fee so I could get the phone numbers etc. Well, guess what.. After I paid they sent me a link to their website. Where were all the houses he sent me a list of? So I emailed him, with the list of what he sent me, and asked for the addresses and phone number for them.

NOT ONE was in the area I requested. NONE, NADDA, ZIP. And to top it off, only 3 of the houses were Section 8.

Talk about SCAM big time. I was so pissed. I wasted my hard earn money, (ok so it wasn't an arm and leg), but for a single mom who works two jobs, it was A LOT to me.
Then, like the post below, there were no pictures to look at, AND, I found that most of their houses WERE on Craigslist or on the Property Managements website.

Now, I'm still looking for a home, but I will use Craigslist or other websites. I feel like a fool for giving them my money, but I guess it was a lesson learned.

Contact the Oregon Attorney General's Consumer Hotline:

By Phone:
Salem area: (503) 378-4320
Portland area: (503) 229-5576
In Oregon (toll free): (1-877) 877-9392

By Email:

By Webform:

The Better Business Bureau:
General consumer complaints which includes, among others, misleading advertising, improper selling practices, and non-delivery of goods or services...

I'm glad I didn't fall for it..... 09.Oct.2008 12:21


I almost fell for it too when I was looking for a house to rent. Luckily I found a house.....but I probably would have done it if I had not found the house I am now in. Thank you for posting this.....I admit I was skeptical about them, but I kept seeing them on craigslist so I thought that maybe they were ok.

Email abuse@craigslist.org 09.Oct.2008 16:09


I will also send a link to this thread to Craig Newmark.

section 8 mom 16.Oct.2008 15:17


I am so sorry those people scammed you!
I work for section 8 come in and check our resource board.
Also ask screening process before you pay anyone the money to save fee's and if they arent upfront report them!!!

Life isn't as bad as you think 12.Nov.2008 14:02

Scott Harkill

Living in the dark isn't living at all. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.