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Government-planned "terrorist attack" on Portland Nov. 11, 2008

Nov. 11, 2008 is the date planned for Vigilant Shield '09 using the private and official military in urban warfare in Portland, Oregon with radioactive dirty explosives, tasers, microwave and glue weapons, flash concussions, and a whole host of new and old fatal and not-always-lethal weapons, poisoning of our water supply, and closing down our roads and communications.
Terrorist attacks on Portland coordinated out of Dick Cheney's office using US, Israeli, Canadian, Mexican, and other militaries and intelligence agencies with Blackwater, are scheduled for Nov. 11, 2008. See how many indymedia news accounts and other websites alert us. Read more info about what false flag attacks are to scare the public and take resources and power, and preparedness to use Portland, OR this fall as excuse for taking over all aspects of civilian government and the economy. Each so-called drill was in place for the exact issues that later occurred and were blamed on terrorists and resulted in more consolidation of power and profits and loss of civil liberties and options, and each drill's collection of information has not been shared with Congress, the courts, local governments, nonprofit emergency response groups, or the public over the last eight years. This is no time to be cynical or despairing, but aware and prepared. Protect our whistle blowers and friends as we work together for our survival and freedom. Have your neighborhood and personal survival and resistance plan in place.



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