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burn a church...
Nancy Levant
July 25, 2006

The separation of church and state - gone with the stroke of a pen. As of March 7, 2006, our nation's leader signed another Executive Order, which tied the Department of Homeland Security to our leader's "faith-based" churches. Okay, all you non-profit churches out there - you now serve the federal government's primary spying agency. That is now your primary function. You are now and officially an organized den of thieves.

I would feel sorry for the pastors, ministers, priests, and rabbis except for the fact that I just can't and won't. How stupid and positively corrupt can you possibly be to take money in exchange for manipulating your flocks of idiot sheep to the national slaughter? And will you also spy on your flocks and provide reports to your new master?

In exchange for money, have you agreed to pacify and organize your flocks in the event of a national emergency? You certainly have, for you have been ordered to do so. And have you been ordered to offer your buildings, your resources, and your labor forces called congregations to serve your newly declared administrator?

I try to come up with words to describe how I feel about this Executive Order and the churches that have "partnered" themselves to this system. The words don't come minus the fact that the church has completely and irreversibly fallen to the lowest and darkest common denominator, which is the total betrayal of the souls of the faithful. I would pray for your forgiveness, but I don't want to.

Nor do I want to write about this sickening topic. But, I appeal to Christian people to 1) ask your church leaders if they are "faith-based" funded, and 2) to leave those churches and start home-based churches with your friends and family members. Do not support Executive Ordered, Department of Homeland Security churches with your presence or your money. You are being manipulated and reported upon - guaranteed.

You are being told what to do when more "crisis" hits the nation, and will hit the nation, as all is now planned down to our "weather emergencies," which are providing the training and relocation exercises for the real crisis to come - the one that permanently collapses Constitutional America.

The church needs to regroup and gather in homes, where faith is restored, private, and truth is real. Forget the church leadership. They are padding their pockets and socially re-engineering your mind with think tank religion and crisis management, and they're getting paid to do so - much like the public schools and mass media.

Raise your churches in your homes. All you need is a Bible - one will do. Save yourselves and your souls and leave your new and improved church buildings, fancy organs, fundraisers, and colorful windows behind.

As in all Communist countries, the church will survive underground, so to speak, and with genuine prayer. And serve your Constitutional America. Don't give up on freedom - even as it dissolves before your eyes. Be courageous in truth and gather together in truth.


Again and again, I strongly recommend that you contact A.C.E. - Americans for Constitutional Enforcement - at  contactus@a4ce.org - and request their Information Packet. Work to preserve your unalienable rights. There is no other choice but to fall - much like the American church. And please remember that faith-based churches are now governmental agencies - just like public schools, mass media, and mass communications - nothing more and nothing less.


A.C.E. will help you, your family, and your neighbors to learn the truth about today's America. What you don't know is allowing for the total destruction of your rights and your individual freedom. What you don't know is rapidly, rapidly destroying your country. Your continued ignorance is why we are falling. Please contact A.C.E. right now. May God bless the American people.

Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed her new book "The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female." to be released May 2006. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.

The separation of church and state - gone with the stroke of a pen. As of March 7, 2006, our nation's leader signed another Executive Order, which tied the Department of Homeland Security to our leader's "faith-based" churches. Okay, all you non-profit churches out there - you now serve the federal government's primary spying agency.

US Govt Quietly Forms Cyber Militia

Source: Strategy Page

The U.S. government has quietly gone ahead and formed several special security organizations for policing the internet. Because there is such a (trained, not to mention talented) manpower shortage right now (and in the foreseeable future), this was done on the cheap. An effective force could not be recruited, even if everyone agreed to accept government pay levels, because of the huge expense. One solution that was suggested even before September 11, 2001, and eventually caught on, was to organize and reward the pro bono cybersecurity efforts that have been going on for some time. A lot of talented whitehats just get pissed off and go after bad guys on their own nickel. An example is HoneyNet (the pro bono network of honeypots set up to attract, analyze and document blackhat activities and techniques). One suggestion that did not fly was setting up a "CyberCorps" as a separate corporation, with a few really good people to run it, and enough budget to pay market rate for the right people, and still have a close working relationship with government agencies and commercial firms that spend a lot on net security (banks and brokerages, for example.)

Instead, a "Cyber Corps" program was set up to give tuition assistance to college students studying computer security, in order to increase the number of qualified experts in this area. Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security established working relationships with existing computer security groups, while the Department of Defense encouraged the services to set up computer security operations. The air force established the Cyber Command, a major operation that, it is hoped, will give the air force the lead (and most of the budget) for defense related Internet security operations.

The U.S. Army sought to make something of the original CyberCorps concept, by recruiting existing army reservists with computer security experience, and organizing them into the Reserve Information Operations Command. So far, nearly 400 reservists have been assigned to man five Information Operations Centers. These reservists have civilian jobs in computer and Internet security, and most make more than the government could afford to pay them. But in the event of an Internet "battle", the Reserve Information Operations Command would quickly provide the army with a collection of expert operators to analyze, and deal with, the threat. The army is still recruiting for this duty, and will probably continue to, in order to expand this force as much as possible.

Story at:

http://www. blacklistednews. com/view. asp?ID=6867